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Is anyone else laughing drastically about how perfect these two are?

I can’t tell if Soom feels challenged by the fact Luts is now putting out fantasy parts and this is there comeback, or if this is just the most perfect timing ever. 

All I know is I’ve never felt so persuaded to ship stock photos of dolls before. Shame I can’t buy them both.

On the left is Luts Moonlit Song Pegasus Jamong

On the right is Sooms Death Knight centaur Shale 

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I’m still so torn. I wish Luts would post more pictures of faceup C.

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Ahh I’m glad I waited on ordering (not by choice xD my moms ordering a Tinydelf and needed time to decide) but now am terribly torn between faceup one or two? I think if I got face up two I’d ask for darker eyelashes though. Ahhh why can’t I just buy two or them.
Can I have any of your opinions?

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I guess there are way worse things to be angry at in the hobby then that last post.
I’m just having a bad day, please excuse my rudeness.

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If your reaction to the release of a new sculpt is “oooh nooo now I have to buy it”, then maybe you need to take a break because you appear to have an addiction and we’re all sick of hearing about it. Think before you tag and send, nobody feels sorry for you not being able to choose which of your many expensive hobbies to dump your cash into. Poor baby. Dat struggle doe.


Wait the concept is your angry people like getting excited and making a fuss over new dolls? No one really NEEDS a new doll, and I assumed everyone was aware not getting a new doll isn’t ever life threatening, but it’s fun to talk about new releases and discuss which ones suite your fancy. I post all the time new dolls that I’d really like to have one day because I like getting opinions from friends and family which they think I could do the most with/afford at the time.

I’ve only ever seen one or two people on the tag act like babies and threat and cry over not getting a new doll and I’ve been on the BJD tag for two or three years now?

If I misunderstood this confession and upset anyone with my response I’m really sorry, but I really don’t understand getting upset at someone getting excited over a new doll. I love to see the doll owners I follow discuss dolls they want and/or debating getting. I’m sure the sculptors love the positive feedback as well if they ever get the chance to see it.

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Does grass and outdoors stuff stain resin?? I want to take my boys out for a photoshoot but I don't want to get them stained or anything.
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Sorry for the late reply, I’m sure over time if you rubbed grass up against your doll a lot and didn’t clean him/her it would stain pretty badly, but honestly the worst I’ve had is little green marks that come off with a gentle rub of tissue and water. :3 I would just say after taking photos outside inspect the resin that had contact with nature and clean up any dirt right away.

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Sorry for the crappy photo from a week ago, just needed to dig up a photo for BJD day tag, and unfortunately was unable to go out and get new photos today being I was out of town

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I woke up at 7am this morning (giving me three hours of sleep) just to see the new photos of the Moonlit Song Jamong.

;3; She’s gorgeous. I didn’t think for a second I would be debating between the human and elf head, but there both so beautiful (still I think I’ll stick to my elf head) I’m a little disappointed you can’t buy the wigs from the centaur photos with the human body (there isn’t an option for it at least) and I’m sad the dress is so awfully long (like it doesn’t even look like it fits her properly) I was hoping for a human outfit more similar to the pegasus one. 

Other then that she’s gorgeous. It’s going to be hard deciding on body type and skin type for her.

Evalin is going to have a new elf-y friend.

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Every once in awhile I like to throw a bunch of photos of the members of my doll family together just to see how they look together. 

Oh god I need more photos of Allister, his photo is like two years old. 

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This is probably a dumb question but where does a person find "Tamiya gloss" "Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer" "Mr. Super Clear (MSC)" and "Craft PVA Waterbased Adhesive" my local craft store doesn't sell them at all. Should I just search online for them or are there actual stores that sell them?
Anonymous asked

Oh it’s not a dumb question at all, just in all honestly I don’t think I know. I know my friend and I found MSC at a local hobby store, so if you have any hobby stores I would suggest checking them. A local hobby store might sell those other things to if your lucky? Maybe someone else in the bjd tag knows where locally you could find these things?

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I am obsessed with him. 
There goes my paycheck.

He’s amazing. Look at him 


Luts Kid Delf Berry 

He reminds me of Sooms Goss Which is why I love him ;3;
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So I’ve decided if they sell that elf head with that face up on a human body she WILL be mine 

Oh god she’s so darn cute ;3;

(Photo by Luts of there Luts KDF Moonlit Song Pegasus Jamong)

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Um hi. I was wondering if you knew of any websites where you can buy BJDs for not as expensive as others? I don't have the money to spend oer $300 JUST for the doll itself, but I have no idea where to get them cheaper and I really want to get a little sister for the doll I already have.
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It really depends on the size and with you want clothes/faceup/ect with them but actually DoA has an absolutely wonderful list for this containing prices and companies sorted by size. It’s located here but I’ll post the list just in case people without DoA accounts can’t see it. 

Added note: I just noticed the links below don’t actually go to the doll sites but the DoA pages for them, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find the sites if you copy them into google and look them up

Heres the list link:$300!

and here is the list (copy pasted):

Prices below include only the nude doll with no face-up***

65-70cm Dolls [Hound Size]

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