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I had a dream last night I had a boy MSD that looked a lot like Ophelia with freckles and more orange hair and they were the cutest siblings ever. I wish I had money to find a sculpt like the one in my dream and make my dolls more siblings. Oh well.

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Halloween everything

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What if Evalin was the type of witch that took mischievous children from there bed never to be seen again?

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Trying on the big hat

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Dear Fan of Withdoll,

Finally, The Werewolf Babies has been released! 
We apologise for the delay and 
Thank you for your patience and waiting.

Werewolf Babies are sold for a limited period of time only.
Sale Period is Oct. 13 to Oct. 31
If the sales of the product exceed our estimates, 
This item could be sold out before the end of the sales period. 

To celebrate the Halloween, We prepared the blowout sale.
You can buy these limited editions for 30% off the original price
(only head and body.) 
This is your last chance to save!

[The Werewolf Babies]

- Time Limited Edition
- Sales Period : Oct. 13 to Oct. 31
- 30% Off Blowout Sale (Only head and body)

Also, The Halloween event has been extended.
This event ends by the end of this month. 

[The Halloween Event]

- Event Period : Until Oct. 31
- 15% Off (Only for head and body)
- Sale of special skin (Grey, Brown tan UV, Rosy brown UV, Sweet green)
- Limited Quantity Edition is sell regardless of remaining quantity. 

Please give us your interest and support. 
Thank you. 


Sales pages:
Werewolf Babies Raul, Werewolf Babies Coco & Werewolf Babies Stacy

Raul is a completely new sculpt
Coco is the same sculpt as Ice Cream Children Chocolate
Stacy is the same sculpt as Ice Cream Children Strawberry

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I have a lot of Roosterteeth videos to catch up on, so I started to crochet. My newest (and also baldest) doll could use a hat and I needed to try out the new pattern I made. Works well.

I want to reopen my hat commission thread on DoA, but I do not feel ready or organized enough to do so. :/
But I am open for commissions here, although only for SD sized ones.

I do still have my MSD pattern, but I do not trust it enough without an MSD head (the yarn is quite inconsistent), but if you want to risk it…

Boosting because her hats are absolutely lovely.
Commission one *^* do it.

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JAMONG PEGASUS ver. @ Nine9 by leoooona08 on Flickr.

Ahhhh look at this gorgeous girl! D:
I really hope that’s default faceup B.

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Sweater weather

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